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Full-service print design and production services
I'll handle as much or as little of your print project as you require, including arranging for print brokerage. Concept to completion, design-only, production-only, art direction, or just a simple in-house consultation—all in whatever measure your project requires.
eBook services
Portable media devices are becoming an increasingly relevant deliverable of your document. After completing your print book or other long document, your project can be converted for delivery as XHTML files on Kindle, iPad, or other portable reading device.
Illustration services
Technical illustration goes hand-in-hand with effective graphic design and production. You can rest assured that your visual communication of abstract ideas will be effectively communicated to your audience.
Slide deck design and production services
Face-time with managers, employees, and prospective clients is important, but suffers where the message is being delivered through non-existant, ineffectually designed, or poorly produced slide decks. My long-running professional experience with a Fortune 100 company has provided me with direct exposure and hands-on experience in producing high quality, visually stimulating communication tools.
Photographic restoration and retouching services
From scanning to complete restoration and repair, I'll take your product shot, or beloved family portrait from egad! to awesome!
Networking services
I'm not talking about your WAN or LAN here. If I don't have the skills or bandwidth your project requires, I will ensure I employ only the most skilled crafts person your budget will support. My network of professional contacts includes copywriters, illustrators, Flash! developers, web developers, photographers, printers, video editors, full-service design firms, and more.
Personal services
Every client is my most important client, and every job, is the most important job. It's a simple rule that I live by daily in my professional career. I personally will address each and every concern you have, because I take your satisfaction very seriously.
1:1 instruction services
Whether you need to brush up on the latest versions, or you're in need of a career change, I can tailor a learning experience specifically to your need. Whether in the Windows or Macintosh environments, I can introduce you to the latest version of Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat), and Adobe FrameMaker. Your first 1 hour consultation will always be free. I also offer instruction in general print knowledge, and graphic design concepts.
Artistic services
In addition to graphic design, I also produce graphics printed on canvas, gallery-wrapped on stretcher bars. Click here to view the portfolio.

Summary of Qualifications

• Manager of Artists
• Graphic Designer
• Print Production Specialist

Creative and Production Leadership:
For 13 years I reliably provided creative solutions for a Fortune 100, Redmond, WA-based software company. In this role, I designed interior layouts for all books sold through the retail channels in both brick-and-mortar locations, as well as through online booksellers. Additionally, I worked closely with curriculum designers to establish layout and production templates for use by authors and production staff as required.
Proven Record:
I am skilled as both an individual contributor as well as a manager of artists and designers. These skills have helped me to take my teams through transition periods requiring a shift into new, unfamiliar applications and processes for executing long document publications, organizational restructuring, and changes in creative visioning.
Well-rounded Design and Production Skills:
I am equally comfortable working on Microsoft Windows and Macintosh operating systems, as well as the use of traditional design and production methods where required. My experiences have provided me the opportunity to work extensively with many of the major graphics and business applications. I am also experienced in coding HTML/CSS and designing websites using NotePad and other text-only applications.
Experienced Freelance Designer:
Over the course of my career, I have maintained an active freelance clientele. This includes a range of projects, including; book design, logo and I.D. packages, brochures, signage, posters, and other projects. Much of this work also includes donated time to charitable organizations.
Bachelor of Science, graphic design:
Woodbury University (with a minor in business administration). Cum Laude.
Technical Skills:
Strong verbal and written communication skills. Personable and able to communicate with designers, artists, and key stake holders. Proficient in working with a wide variety of design and business applications in both Windows and Macintosh environments, including; Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe PageMaker, Macromedia Freehand, Carrara, Bryce 3D, MacOffice, Microsoft Office (MOS certified in Excel 2003), FileMaker Pro. Strong design, layout, and production skills in books, book covers, ID packages, brochures, posters, packaging, HTML, and more.
Macintosh; Adobe Creative Suite, Macromedia Freehand, Carrara, Bryce 3D, MacOffice, FileMaker Pro.

Windows; Office, Visio, FrontPage, Adobe Creative Suite, Macromedia Freehand.

Awards & Recognitions

Distinguished Award; book design, 2004
Microsoft Office Document Designer; Microsoft Press, Success3; Society for Technical Communications, Puget Sound Chapter, technical publications, interior layout
2nd Place in Category; Masters' Category, 1993
Santa Clarita Valley Artists' Association, Spring Art Classic
Best in Show; 1992
Santa Clarita Valley Artists' Association, Summer Sidewalk Exhibit
1st Place in Category; Mixed Media, 1992
Santa Clarita Valley Artists' Association, Spring Art Classic

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Orange is a color associated with power, healing, enthusiasm, creativity, vitality, and endurance. Individuals who enjoy the color orange are usually thoughtful and sincere. Orange is also the color of luck. It is said by some, that if you require change in your life, you should burn an orange candle for seven nights. Curiosity is a strong force behind orange, as well as an exploration of new things.

All these things together encapsulate the creative efforts that are the profession of the graphic designer. It is my goal, and your expectation, that I should explore new ways to express your creativity, deliver your message, and connect with your customer at a personal level.


Circles and spheres can be described universally as; a plane curve everywhere equidistant from a given fixed point, the center, a planar region bounded by a circle, a series or process that finishes at its starting point or continuously repeats itself; a cycle, a group of people sharing an interest, activity, or achievement, a sphere of influence or interest; domain.

For my purposes, the circle represents a continuous flow of communication; an exchange of ideas, provoking thought and creativity.

Franklin Gothic font family

Franklin Gothic is an extra-bold sans-serif type which can be distinguished from other sans serif typefaces, as it has a more traditional double-story g and a. Other main distinguishing characteristics are the tail of the Q and the ear of the g. The tail of the Q curls down from the bottom center of the letterform in the book weight and shifts slightly to the right in the bolder fonts. It draws upon earlier, nineteenth century models, from many of the twenty-three foundries consolidated into American Type Founders in 1892. Historian Alexander Lawson speculated that Franklin Gothic was influenced by Berthold's Akizdenz-Grotesk types but offered no evidence to support this theory which was later presented as fact by Philip Meggs and Rob Carter. It was named in honor of a prolific American printer, Benjamin Franklin. The faces were issued over a period of ten years, all of which were designed by Benton and issued by A.T.F.