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To double-dash, or not to double-dash (should it even be a question?)

Seen it allot, hate it allot; setting off a statement by using a pair of dashes (or hyphens). This occurs most frequently on web pages I see, even from “experienced” web content authors/editors. Please, don’t do it. The correct glyph to use is an em dash. The HTML code to generate this character is —. […]

Usherwood Publishing web banners

Six rotating banners to promote a series of gaming books.  

Kramer DPG web site design

Website design for fine art publisher. Click image to visit website.

Usherwood Adventures web site design

Web site design for hobbyist publisher of gaming materials. Click image to visit website.

Dungeons & Dragons Experience web banners

This client came to me with the simple request to prepare a simple web banner for advertising his student-produced documentary. Right away, I found that the black old-face type used required much modification in order to reproduce at an acceptable level of quality. This was achieved by importing the typographic image into Adobe Illustrator and […]

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