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Introduction to Adobe InDesign CS5

My teaching assignments with the University of Washington and Everett Community College allowed me to assemble several of my lesson plans into an InDesign primer, targeted at users new to the InDesign product. Constantly in development, the book encompasses lessons to get users working as quickly as possible (a similar goal to that my courses).

Everett & Monte Cristo Railway interior book design and production

This project is representative of several book design and production projects I executed for Oso Publishing Co. The publisher’s product line at the time was focused on hardcover books dealing with topics of Pacific Northwest history; most specifically in the logging railroad industry. All of these projects—and the Everett & Monte Cristo book was no […]

Technical Illustrations: Everett & Monte Cristo Railway

The following illustrations were executed in Adobe Illustrator for the book, The Everett & Monte Cristo Railway. The book details the establishment, and ultimate demise, of the logging and tourist railroad that operated between Everett, Washington and Monte Cristo, Washington. See also the interior and cover layouts for this project.

New technical illustrations

It’s been quite sometime since I have had the opportunity/need to execute something in the way of a technical illustration that went outside the realm of process charts and labeled screen captures. So when I completed this piece the other night, I was very proud of myself. This is a model 1873 Colt .45 revolver. […]

Kramer Comes to Frogtown

Every designer has projects they are not exactly proud of. Hell Comes to Frogtown is one of those projects that I shouldn’t be proud of, but I will admit, I am. While I will never include this in my professional portfolio, as freelance projects go, this one has been worth a lifetime of bragging rights. […]

Comic Color from hand-drawn original images

In the following images, I art directed the illustrators of the individual black-and-white comps, and applied color to each using Photoshop. In all pieces, the illustrator’s original is shown on the left, and the final colored image is on the right. Pelican Bay (above):  Instruction given to illustrator was to create a bustling village thoroughfare […]

Translucent Dice illustration

Executed in Adobe Illustrator, set of five translucent dice.  

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