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Everett & Monte Cristo Railway interior book design and production

This project is representative of several book design and production projects I executed for Oso Publishing Co. The publisher’s product line at the time was focused on hardcover books dealing with topics of Pacific Northwest history; most specifically in the logging railroad industry. All of these projects—and the Everett & Monte Cristo book was no exception—required extensive photo retouching (using Adobe Photoshop) throughout the book. All the images were assembled from private and public collections, very many of which were printed from dirty negatives, reproduced from existing tintype prints, or were either under- or over-exposed. The challenge being to try and produce a consistent image quality throughout the book.

In addition, this book contained a number of maps and technical drawings produced as line art. These pieces were all produced in Macromedia Freehand, and subsequently converted to Adobe Illustrator in a second edition printing. The original layout was executed in Adobe Pagemaker 6.5, and converted to Adobe InDesign in the second edition printing.


The book cover was produced using Photoshop and Freehand (converted to Illustrator in the second edition printing).

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