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Have your company’s identity developed for the price of Big Mac! Yeah baby!

Food, No. 1 by Kramer

Food, No. 1
by Kramer

In the market for a logo? Need to refresh a tired identity? Got a business plan for the next Big Thing™? You’re putting all your time and money into developing the product, marketing the product, selling the product; so who has any resources left to put into something as trivial as a logo? Just look at all the websites where you can get it free, or no more than the cost of a 1,500 calorie gut-buster. Am I right, or am I right? During my career I have seen the graphic design industry go from highly-skilled, college educated professionals with a creative passion, to any joker who can afford cheap software (or just smart enough to know how to pirate expensive software). Sounds cliche, but I have literally seen and heard of folks (‘folks’ = men and women from all walks of life) who have made the decision to work out of the house for reasons of their own. Some are simply taking their current profession and making an at-home-office from which to work.

Other ‘folks’ decide they want to work from the house, and then try to figure out what they’re going to do once they get there. Putting the cart before the horse on that one, ain’t ya’ Tootsie?

Your company’s identity deserves a lot more thought and development than a anonymous internet user, working for free or for the price of a high-calorie luncheon, is going to give you. They might be able to throw your company’s name together with an interesting font. They might even be able to draw and half-competent icon. But will they do the research it takes to create a meaningful identity mark? Do they know WHY they have selected one font over another, this color versus that color, the historical (or contemporary) implications of a specific mark? Have they explored the alternative and varied uses that the mark will be used for; how’s it look against black or white, is it treated differently for print versus web, is it too masculine or too feminine? Have you asked yourself these questions?

If you’re paying these prices for identity development, chances are you haven’t. But that’s what a professional designer does for you; explores your company’s and products’ identity in order to explore the most effective identity program in order to achieve success…because consumes do in fact judge a book by its cover.

Come on buddy, upon up the pocket book and make a small investment in your future. Is $2,000 up front really that much versus all the dough you will make as an entrepreneur with a billion dollar idea?

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