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Comic Color from hand-drawn original images

In the following images, I art directed the illustrators of the individual black-and-white comps, and applied color to each using Photoshop. In all pieces, the illustrator’s original is shown on the left, and the final colored image is on the right.

Original line art by Peter Szmer

Pelican Bay (above):  Instruction given to illustrator was to create a bustling village thoroughfare over a tranquil bay. The focus of the illustration to be the tavern located in the right of the image, called the Golden Hippogriff. Note the placard above the torch demoting the building’s name.

Original line art by Hugh Vogt

Hhu’manii Warrior (above):  Illustrator was asked to action shot of warrior wielding a pair of curved blades. Specific creative requests were made for illustration details; pony tail, tattoos, leather pants and soft boots, and a third eye positioned on the forehead.

Original line art by Dmitri Bialek

Gray Alien (above):  Illustrator was asked to provide an image of a stereo-typical gray alien, as is often reported by individuals purporting to be UFO abductees and eyewitnesses. The weapon being held was requested as part of the image.

Original line art by Peter Szmer

Throne Room (above):  Instructions to illustrator were to create a throne room setting, with specific types of creatures to be included within the image. To create a sense of depth, I added black tinted layers in Photoshop (multiplied) with translucency.

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