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Knockspell Magazine cover and masthead design

This magazine project featured several deliverables;

  • Cover design and production; the periodical features a piece of original art on each issue. The piece shown here was contracted by me, and under my art direction. The illustrator provided the scanned line art, and I applied the coloring in Photoshop.
  • Masthead design; I designed the masthead was designed in a previous issue of the magazine. The typographic choice was decided by a previous designer, but required significant clean-up of the letter forms. I converted the typography to paths in order to optimize the line work, and create an importable ligature. The coloring applied to the type is dependent on the color of the illustration on each cover. Here, I selected the blues and greens found in the lower portion of the image in order to contrast with the flames of the background. Bordering color is likewise based on the colors found in the image.
  • Advertisement on backcover; design and production. Also included an HTML email version for an email marketing program.

Cover, masthead, and advertisement design and production


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