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New technical illustrations

It’s been quite sometime since I have had the opportunity/need to execute something in the way of a technical illustration that went outside the realm of process charts and labeled screen captures. So when I completed this piece the other night, I was very proud of myself. This is a model 1873 Colt .45 revolver. […]

High School senior ads

Though not exactly portfolio pieces in themselves, I am very glad that my education, training, and experience allowed me to create these senior ads for my two oldest sons; Zack and Rydder. Both graduated from Archbishop Murphy High School located in Everett, WA; Zack in 2006, and Rydder in 2009. The ads, which appeared in […]

Kramer Comes to Frogtown

Every designer has projects they are not exactly proud of. Hell Comes to Frogtown is one of those projects that I shouldn’t be proud of, but I will admit, I am. While I will never include this in my professional portfolio, as freelance projects go, this one has been worth a lifetime of bragging rights. […]

To condense or not to condense…why would you even concider it?

Since the proliferation of affordable desktop computers began in the early/mid 1990’s, the ability for the designer/DTP/layout arteest to customized the appearance of typographic letter forms (i.e., ‘glyphs’) has continue to evolve. Indeed the user can customize glyphs in any number of ways, seemingly limited only by the user’s imagination. However, the two ‘customizations’ I […]

Knockspell Magazine interior design and layout

Design and production for the interior layout of Knockspell Magazine; a quarterly publication of gaming topics and interests.  

Comic Color from hand-drawn original images

In the following images, I art directed the illustrators of the individual black-and-white comps, and applied color to each using Photoshop. In all pieces, the illustrator’s original is shown on the left, and the final colored image is on the right. Pelican Bay (above):  Instruction given to illustrator was to create a bustling village thoroughfare […]

Knockspell Magazine cover and masthead design

This magazine project featured several deliverables; Cover design and production; the periodical features a piece of original art on each issue. The piece shown here was contracted by me, and under my art direction. The illustrator provided the scanned line art, and I applied the coloring in Photoshop. Masthead design; I designed the masthead was […]

Sustainable Façades interior book design and layout

Developed design for interior book layout, and executed on production. Green, gray, and orange colors used in layout are from the authoring team’s required identity program.  

Data Points interior book design and layout

Developed design for interior book layout, and executed on production.  

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