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Do you work to live, or do you live to work?

This guy apparently is all into his web development job. He better be a really amazing coder.

New technical illustrations

It’s been quite sometime since I have had the opportunity/need to execute something in the way of a technical illustration that went outside the realm of process charts and labeled screen captures. So when I completed this piece the other night, I was very proud of myself. This is a model 1873 Colt .45 revolver. […]

High School senior ads

Though not exactly portfolio pieces in themselves, I am very glad that my education, training, and experience allowed me to create these senior ads for my two oldest sons; Zack and Rydder. Both graduated from Archbishop Murphy High School located in Everett, WA; Zack in 2006, and Rydder in 2009. The ads, which appeared in […]

Kramer Comes to Frogtown

Every designer has projects they are not exactly proud of. Hell Comes to Frogtown is one of those projects that I shouldn’t be proud of, but I will admit, I am. While I will never include this in my professional portfolio, as freelance projects go, this one has been worth a lifetime of bragging rights. […]

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