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Introduction to Adobe InDesign CS5

My teaching assignments with the University of Washington and Everett Community College allowed me to assemble several of my lesson plans into an InDesign primer, targeted at users new to the InDesign product. Constantly in development, the book encompasses lessons to get users working as quickly as possible (a similar goal to that my courses).

Everett & Monte Cristo Railway interior book design and production

This project is representative of several book design and production projects I executed for Oso Publishing Co. The publisher’s product line at the time was focused on hardcover books dealing with topics of Pacific Northwest history; most specifically in the logging railroad industry. All of these projects—and the Everett & Monte Cristo book was no […]

Knockspell Magazine interior design and layout

Design and production for the interior layout of Knockspell Magazine; a quarterly publication of gaming topics and interests.  

Sustainable Façades interior book design and layout

Developed design for interior book layout, and executed on production. Green, gray, and orange colors used in layout are from the authoring team’s required identity program.  

Data Points interior book design and layout

Developed design for interior book layout, and executed on production.  

Production-only book layout projects

Prouction-only projects: The following list represents projects I executed in which my role was as production lead. Many of these projects also involved the conversion of the print product into ebooks. All projects required post-production conversion into Microsoft Word. All layouts were completed using Adobe InDesign. Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro 7 Quick-Reference […]

OSRIC game manual design and production for A5 trim

Interior layout design and production of A5 trim size of game manual. Also created PDF and ebook formats for electronic deliveries. Layout is narrative- and table-heavy, so rigorous control of style use and implementation were required in order to optimize the ebook conversion process from InDesign was of utmost importance.  

Usherwood Publishing product line interior design and production template

Interior design and production template in Adobe InDesign CS5. This design is implemented across all of the publisher’s products. The print production template is optimized for a print-on-demand workflow, and is also set-up for streamlined ebook conversion workflow.  

Plain & Simple interior book design

Design and template maintenance for product series entitled Plain & Simple. Designed for the beginner end-user. Design goal was to present each task in a specified application (i.e., linking to an external source file) in a colorful, engaging layout. Task would need to be presented on a single page, or single spread. The recto bleed […]

XNA Game Studio magazine article

Design and layout for Game Developer Magazine article.  

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