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Keep it legal, Babe.

Have you sent a font file to a co-worker, vendor, friend? Of course you have. We all have. But should you? No, of course not. Look dude (or dudette), some type designer somewhere has poured a lot of work and effort into that font. Maybe you don’t think they did, but they did. That work […]

To double-dash, or not to double-dash (should it even be a question?)

Seen it allot, hate it allot; setting off a statement by using a pair of dashes (or hyphens). This occurs most frequently on web pages I see, even from “experienced” web content authors/editors. Please, don’t do it. The correct glyph to use is an em dash. The HTML code to generate this character is —. […]

To condense or not to condense…why would you even concider it?

Since the proliferation of affordable desktop computers began in the early/mid 1990’s, the ability for the designer/DTP/layout arteest to customized the appearance of typographic letter forms (i.e., ‘glyphs’) has continue to evolve. Indeed the user can customize glyphs in any number of ways, seemingly limited only by the user’s imagination. However, the two ‘customizations’ I […]

Don’t you know the difference between a foot and an apostrophe?

I see it all the time; on billboards, in advertisements, even in logos. Foot and inch hash marks (read, straight quotes) in place of typographer’s quotes. I have seen it for years. However as desktop computers and software become more and more inexpensive to upgrade, the problem only seems to continue to get worse…and worse…and […]

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