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  • Introduction to Adobe InDesign CS5
  • Everett & Monte Cristo Railway interior book design and production
  • Technical Illustrations: Everett & Monte Cristo Railway
  • New technical illustrations
  • Knockspell Magazine interior design and layout
  • Comic Color from hand-drawn original images
  • Knockspell Magazine cover and masthead design
  • Heirloom Kitchen identity design
  • Sustainable Façades interior book design and layout
  • Data Points interior book design and layout
  • Production-only book layout projects
  • In the Halls of the Mage-King ebook conversion
  • OSRIC game manual design and production for A5 trim
  • Usherwood Publishing product line interior design and production template
  • Plain & Simple interior book design
  • BizTalk HotRod internal corporate news letter
  • Translucent Dice illustration
  • XNA Game Studio magazine article
  • Castoff tool
  • Handy-Hat Rack identity program
  • Karen Myers Design identity program
  • The Willamette Locomotive book cover
  • The Everett and Monte Cristo Railway book cover
  • Usherwood Publishing identity program
  • Usherwood Expansion for OSRIC book cover
  • Usherwood Publishing web banners
  • Kramer DPG web site design
  • Usherwood Adventures web site design
  • Agoura Hills Pediatric identity program
  • Vantos trade magazine advertisement
  • Vantos PowerPoint slide template
  • TVEditor.com identity program
  • Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea box design
  • Flaming Pear identity program
  • Fleur-de-Lys identity program
  • Dungeons & Dragons Experience web banners
  • Comprehensive Wealth Managment PowerPoint slide design
  • Brave Halfling Publishing identity program
  • James D. Kramer design services identity program


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Graphic Designer • Production Leadership • Team Member Manager of Artists • Creative and Art Direction • Strategic Planning • Budgeting Print Production Specialist • HTML Design • Book Design • Instruction and Training   C.C. Filson Company: Senior Production Artist (October 2013 to present): Founding Creative team member; instrumental in establishing internal print production processes and and typographic standards amid volatile and frequently changing organizational structure. Established database publishing solutions; […] IWEBIX Webdesign


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